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Setup your environment

PHP and MySQL (or any relational database) is required to install the forum on your computer or on your server.

You can either use PHP built-in server (easiest) or install a web server.

Download and install composer

Composer is a package manager for PHP. You will be using it for during the deploy of your forum to your servers.

Follow the instructions on Composer's website.

To make the installation easy, it is best to install Composer in the root directory of your web projects.

Install the forum

In your terminal, run the following command:
$ php composer.phar create-project -s dev teapotio/teapotio-forum-standard myProjectFolder

Replace myProjectFolder with the name of your project.

Once the dependencies are downloaded it will ask you for the settings of your development environment. You can find a reference on the configuring page.

Verify that your environment is ready: $ php app/check.php
You can find more information in the Symfony documentation.

Once the project is installed, run the following command:
$ php app/console teapotio:forum:install
$ php app/console assetic:dump

Set the permissions

If you are using Linux or Mac, you should read the documentation about setting up permissions. We advise using the first method as it is the simplest.

There are 4 folders that must be writable by the server:

  • app/cache
  • app/logs
  • web/cache
  • web/img/uploads

Once this is all set, hit the URL in your browser.

Congratulations, you are all set.