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Theming system

Teapotio packs a powerful theming system that lets override any existing templates. For the purpose of Teapotio, certain templates such as the header were overriden.

By overriding the default theme you could make your forum look like a commenting system.

The theming system is independent from Teapotio and can be easily integrated into your Symfony2 project. See the bundle repository on GitHub. Consider giving the bundle a star.


Throttle system

A user signing up on your forum will go through a trial before being able to post freely.

The default throttle system lasts 15 days during which a user can post a maximum of 5 posts per day. Reaching a total of 25 messages will end the trial.

This can be disabled or configured, see details in the configuring page.

Built with extensibility in mind

The core of Teapotio lives in separate repositories and are held together through the teapotio-forum repository (see dependencies in composer.json).

This architecture increased extensibility and maintainability.

SEO-optimized URLs

URLs are built based on the content's title and will represent the structure of your content.

Optimized for mobile

Teapotio will scale depending on your screen size and will only load the content to speed page load up.

Role-based access permissions

Organize your users into roles and give them granular access to your forum.

There are 3 types of content in Teapotio: messages, topics and boards.
Three permissions can be granted on each content: create, edit and delete. Permissions are set on a board and applied to the direct children.

Internationalization (i18n)

Teapotio's user interface is built with translations in mind. We need help translating the interface, you can read the doc to learn how to contribute.

Multi-level board tree

You can organize your topics in boards and boards can also belong to other boards. As your forum grows you can properly organize the content.

Moderation tools

Users can report misbehavior and moderators will have access to a list of flagged items and a list of moderated items. As your moderators go on their patrol, flagged messages will be highlighted in list of messages.


As your users navigates through your forum they can like other user messages.