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There are many ways you can contribute back to the community and you don't need to know how to code to help.

Star the project

This is by far the simplest way you can help.

If you don't have a GitHub account yet, create one and star the repositories teapotio-forum-standard Star and teapotio-forum Star.

Creating and maintaining open-source software is difficult and the stars are a great source of motivation.

Report bugs

Do you see something odd going on? A white page? Report the issue on GitHub's issue tracker.

You should specify the browser you are using and explain how we can reproduce the issue.

Contribute to the code base

With your help, Teapotio can leap forward to the future.

We are actively looking for core contributors! Ping @teapot on .

Translate the user interface

You can find the translation files in the following folders:

If your language file does not exist, clone the English version and replace the country code in the file name with your language.

Translate the words in between <target></target> except the word between two %.

Improve the docs

Although Teapotio is built on top of Symfony2, docs must be written to better explain its inner parts.

Adding documentation

Add the route

Edit the list of pages in DocumentationController.php and add a key/value to the $pages variables.
The key is the URL slug and the value is the page title. Use only alphanumeric letters and dashes for the slug.

Create the template

You can find the templates in the documentation template folder. Each file is named after the slug set in DocumentationController.php.

  1. Create a file named after the slug you added and add the extension .html.twig.
  2. Copy the content of sample.html.twig into your newly created file.
  3. Edit the block Partial_documentation_content and add your content.

Editing documentation

All pages are located in the documentation template folder.

The name of the file matches the last part of the URL. For example:
/documentation/contributing/#improve-the-docs => contributing.html.twig

Thank you for reading! Please consider contributing in some ways!