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When you install for the first time it will ask you for these settings. Otherwise you can change them manually in app/config/paramaters.yml.

The database settings

To persist the topics and messages of your forum, you need a database.

  • database_driver: pick the driver based on your database.
    You can find a list of drivers on php.net (not all drivers are supported).
  • database_host: the address of your database.
    Most environments will use localhost or
  • database_port: the port of your database.
    The SQL server technologies will listen to different ports. Check your database documentation.
  • database_name: the name of your project's database.
    You should pick a descriptive name to avoid any name collisions with other projects.
  • database_user: the username that access to your database.
    In local environments, the username often is root.
  • database_password: the user's password.
    In local environment, the value is often an empty password or root.

On remote servers, the default values may not apply. Check your server provider manual to find the proper credentials.

The mailer settings

The mailer is dedicated to sending emails out. For instance, when a user wishes to reset his password an email will be sent.

  • mailer_transport: the protocol used to send emails out.
  • mailer_host: the address of your mailer service.
    Unless you installed one on your local environment, this address will point to an IP or a domain name on the internet.
  • mailer_port: the port of your mailer service.
    By default, SMTP uses 25 and the mail submission uses 587.
  • mailer_user: the username that has access to your mailer service.
  • mailer_password: the password that grants access to your mailer service.
  • mailer_from: the email address used when sending emails.
    Very often, administrators use "no-reply" plus the domain name, example: no-reply@teapot.io.

The other settings

  • locale: the default language of your project.
  • secret: the application uses it to increase security on your forum.
    Make sure you pick a unique value.
  • teapotio.security.encryption.cost: this software uses the bcrypt algorythm to encrypt passwords. This value is the cost of encryption, the higher the CPU intensive the encryption will be.

    For PHP5.4 or lower, please use the ircmaxell/password_compat library.

  • forum_title: the title of your forum.

The throttle settings [optional]

  • teapotio_forum.throttle.enabled (default: true)
    Set to false, the throttle system will be disabled for all users.
  • teapotio_forum.throttle.trial_days (default: 15)
    The number of days the trial lasts.
  • teapotio_forum.throttle.trial_total_messages (default: 25)
    The number of messages needed to end the trial.
  • teapotio_forum.throttle.max_topics (default: 1)
    The number of topics a user can post per day during the trial.
  • teapotio_forum.throttle.max_messages (default: 5)
    The number of messages a user can post per day during the trial.